Foods in the era of digitalization

The transfer of data between machines and clouds makes packing easier

The digitalization of production is a leading trend for the market in 2018. This was seen by the professional audience of the biggest exhibitions in the food industry and the horeca sector in Bulgaria. The exhibitions MEATMANIA, BULPEK, THE WORLD OF MILK, SALON DE VIN, INTERFOOD & DRINK and SIHRE took place at Inter Expo Center from 7 to 10 November and demonstrated the most advanced high-tech proposals.

This year was particularly special for the MEATMANIA exhibition, which celebrated its 25th anniversary. The international exhibition proved that the transfer of data between the machine and the cloud facilitates the process of packaging the products. One of the leading exhibitors shone a light on MULTIVACK X-line - the technology of the future, which allows for high performance and quality with fewer operators.

Meat processing technologies were among this year’s highlights. For the first time at Inter Expo Center there were presented meat processing machines for fresh meat by the global leader Ruele. The audience was also introduced to the novelties in the cutting machinery; they could see with their own eyes the intuitive software, and get to know with the possibilities of the most advanced tumblers, injectors, guillotines, meat mixers and others.

New horizons for packaging

In the field of tray wrapping, a new machine has been created that covers the needs of manufacturers in the handling of larger batches and an expanding range of convenience foods - antipasti, semi-finished products, ready-made salads as well as healthy products. It drew the attention of the attending visitors with their ability, depending on the type of product, to choose the type of packaging and sealing in an environment with or without gas. The machine can also work with aluminum and cardboard trays.

Participants in the exhibition also noted another interesting trend - transition to packaging made from 100% recycled material. They are preferred by producers of organic and organic products.

The machines in the warehouse communicate

For the creation of a modern and sustainable business, it is necessary to rely on the maxim "design tomorrow's production today". MEATMANIA 2018 demonstrated that the main focus for the Bulgarian manufacturing enterprises is the electronic data exchange. This is made possible with the ERP sales and delivery software. It allows billing to be done electronically, facilitating communication between a manufacturer, a merchant, a shop, a restaurant, a retail chain. This opportunity is already being used by the Bulgarian manufacturer. "Besides, the process is ecological, because eliminating the need for paper use," the software companies said. They presented the capabilities of mobile devices that can communicate with different types of electronic scales with some of the machines in the enterprise. In this way, collection of information and process management can be done over the phone.

This global trend has not yet been introduced to country, but it enjoys more and more positive feedback from major Bulgarian food producers.

The new machines presented today will work successfully in any factory tomorrow. Machines for processing, meat packaging, for making dairy, brewing and confectionery products, labeling machines, technological solutions and the most advanced ideas for the food and horeca sector. They were all in the focus of this year's exhibitions MEATMANIA, BULPEK, THE WORLD OF MILK, SALON DE VIN, INTERFOOD & DRINK and SIHRE. Preparation for the 2019 edition is already on the way, and companies have booked their stands as of now.