Competitors from 11 countries to face off in IV International Pizza Championship

The International Pizza Championship, to be held as part of the rich accompanying program of the InterFood and Drink 2019, guarantees a lot of positive emotions and culinary inspiration.

This year, participants from 11 countries will face off in the heavily contested event, including Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Romania, Greece, England, Albania, Germany and other countries. In the course of the championship, they will perform various tasks to demonstrate their skills. At the end of the competition, each of them will present the pizza he or she has created. The Pizza Masters will compete individually in the following categories: “CLASSIC ROUND PIZZA",  Pizza NAPOLETANA , Pizza "Romana”, Pizza "Creativa" and Pizza "Acrobatica”.

The IV International Pizza Championship also impresses with its international jury of professionals, including Pascal Poupon from France, Nicola Demo Vincenzo Florio from Italy, Ciprian Zampfi from Romania and Nabil Farouk from Egypt.

The start of the International Pizza Championship will be given at 10:30 on 6 November, and the awarding ceremony will be at 20:00 on 7 November.

Bulgaria will for the first time hold the qualification for the World Pizza Championship in Parma in 2020. The start of the competition is at 10:30 on 8 November, and the awarding ceremony will be at 18:00 hours the same day.