A new generation of products by Deroni

Interfood & Drink 2019 will be the venue where Deroni will introduce his new generation of products. They are made of high-quality ingredients and time-tested technologies.

100% natural ingredients, 0% added sugar, no preservatives. "These are the requirements we comply with during production," Deroni commented. The company has implemented technologies that are as close as possible to homemade manufacturing. They use fresh spices (garlic, parsley, basil, etc.) and nutritious vegetables from Deroni's sunny gardens, baked just hours after they have been harvested from Our Gardens.

Among the products proposed by Deroni , we find Staroselsky Ajvar. Without added sugar, it is 100% a natural product made mainly of grilled red peppers and 0% added sugar - its sweetness comes from its natural taste of red peppers.

The new series

Natural ingredients are also the basis of the "Pasta Sauce" and "Deroni Pizza Sauce" series. Grilled, peeled sweet red peppers and slices of fresh vegetables are used for their preparation.

The new Deroni Cooking Sauce Pasta Series is the highest class of sauces. Made from 100% natural ingredients, they combine grilled sweet red peppers, sliced tomatoes, aromatic spices and extra virgin olive oil. The company will also introduce its special Meat Sauces. They do not contain colorings and additional flavors, only those of wild berries and pieces of vegetables from the Deroni Gardens.

And of course - the Pesto series of 100% natural ingredients, without preservatives. The 2019 Interfood & Drink audience will also discover Meligiano. This is a new natural product with no added sugar, prepared from roasted peeled green peppers, roasted peeled eggplants and fresh spices.

You will find Deroni products in Hall 3, Booth B3.