Аround the equator for 4 days with "Senses without borders"

Chef Radi Stambolov and Pastry Academy create chocolate magic in the event with the sweet name "Sealed with chocolate"

Taste of chocolate, aroma of coffee and a fascinating tour around the equator for four days. If all this seems impossible to you, we will change your opinion. Or at least we will try ...

We are located in Inter Expo Center. We have entered through the doors of Sense without Borders. This is the inspiring platform for events, which from November 4 to 7 is developing its potential within the International Food Exhibitions MEATMANIA, THE WORLD OF MILK, BULPEK, INTERFOOD & DRINK AND WINE SALON.

Senses without borders: "Around the equator in 4 days". The event platform places a special emphasis on coffee and chocolate this year. During all exhibition days in Seti without Borders, in Hall 5, we will witness master classes and presentations of different types of coffee. Visitors will be able to taste coffee in a new way. Coffee (chocolate) beans sprinkled with the appropriate type of ground coffee bring the sensations to another dimension!

The master class

BUT! Today is even more special. Because Chef Radi Stambolov and Pastry Academy will hold a master class with Food and lifestyle bloggers for products made of chocolate. This will happen from 11.00 today, in Hall 5 of the Inter Expo Center.

Additional information about the exhibitions dedicated to the food industry MEATMANIA, THE WORLD OF MILK, BULPEK, INTERFOOD & DRINK AND WINE SALON, you will find at food-exhibitions.bg.

The doors are open to visitors as follows:

November 4-6 - 09.30-18.30

November 7 - 09.30 - 16.00.