Stone mill, universal cutter and airbag machine - on one stand

For every food factor operating in the food industry, the required machines can be found in one place. This saves time, effort, logistical difficulties and, of course, financial resources.

Maximum convenience for the client, thanks to the variety of machines in its portfolio, offers ANL - Bulgaria. During the International Food Exhibitions at Inter Expo Center, the professionals will introduce us to the advantages of their technological solutions in Hall 3, Stand A2. In the following lines we present the company accents.

For grinding - Combi Junior

The stone grinding mill Combi Junior (50/80 kg / hour) was created by PARTISANI ITALY. The stones are made only of natural materials.

Thanks to the technologies used, a variety of products can be processed with the machine. Among them - cereals: wheat, barley, millet, rice, oats, corn, einkorn, buckwheat, etc .; legumes: beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc .; spices: pepper, paprika, coffee, salt, chili, etc.

The whole philosophy of the food industry in one machine

Universal cutter QBO 70, version 4, 70 liters with built-in steam generator, will be demonstrated by the company ANL - Bulgaria.

The machine is made of stainless steel AISI 316 L, equipped with heating and cooling system. Qbo is a complete and versatile work tool that cooks, cools, concentrates, mixes, refines, cuts, mixes, homogenizes and sprays all types of food with vacuum and pressure.

To protect the product in the box

The preservation of the product during transport and transportation is leading for the manufacturers. Taking into account the needs of the food sector, ANL - Bulgaria presents on the Bulgarian market the machine for airbags ActivaAir Light BP2001. It produces cushions from foil - filled with air. "With the Activa Air BP2001 airbag system, you can quickly and easily fill airbag bags with air," the company commented. For buffering and filling products in a box, the machine provides optimal protection for vulnerable products during transportation. BP2001 is equipped with a new, high-quality sealing unit. This allows it to compete technically with much more expensive devices than competing brands. The welded seam of the airbags can withstand heavy loads. BP2001 works extremely quietly and quickly.