Appetizing temptations from raw-dried delicacies

In the special series of Orehite "From the golden hands of the master" connoisseurs find raw-dried sausages prepared according to authentic recipes. Those present at this year's Meatmania exhibition at Inter Expo Center are to get acquainted with the qualities of the appetizing temptations.

The products from the special series of Orehite have the taste bequeathed by the old masters, which to this day remains the favorite of every Bulgarian. "Enjoy the specialties made by the Golden Hands of the Master,"the company urged. And in the following lines you will find out with which specific products Orehite will intrigue our palate in the days of the international exhibition.

Orehite raw-dried sausage of pork and beef


The delicacy, which is in a package of 170g, is prepared from chilled Bulgarian meat - pork and beef. It differs from other sausages on the market with its longer drying period; up to 45 days. The specific taste and rich aroma of the product are enhanced by the freshly ground spices and herbs used in its preparation.

Soft and delicate taste


"Orehite raw-dried beef sausage", 170g, will be one of the other temptations presented to us by the company. It is prepared from Bulgarian chilled beef and veal, combined with a masterful combination of freshly ground spices. Its skillful drying for up to 45 days contributes to the refined and soft taste.

Master recipe and fresh spices


The "Orehite raw-dried beef sausage 170g" will certainly attract attention. This traditional raw-dried product is created according to a master recipe. Combines Bulgarian chilled beef and veal. The product is in a natural shell, dried for up to 35 days and prepared with fresh spices that enhance the aroma of mature meat.

We will enjoy the special series of Walnuts "From the golden hands of the master" in hall 1, stand C2