Coffee-flavored - classic Italian blend, new products and Coffee Corner in the magic of Baristo

Tastes, aromas, sensations. All this combines the magical all time favorite drink - coffee. And it reaches the billions of people in love with it around the world thanks to its unique ambassadors - like Baristo; the professionals who introduce it to us.

Baristo will also take an active part in this year's International Food Exhibitions. Well, it's time to introduce you to some of the tempting and innovative highlights of the company, which you will find in Hall 6, Stand B6.

Baristo Espresso Forte

Baristo Espresso Forte is a classic Italian blend of Arabica and Robusta in a convenient and practical package of 500 g, with a filter valve to preserve the freshness of the coffee.


The blend originates from Central and South America, India and Vietnam. The prepared drink has a soft, smoky aroma with hints of pastries and a slight aftertaste of pepper. Baristo Espresso Forte coffee beans are a classic espresso with velvety cream, a thick body and a pleasant bitterness.

Baristo Espresso Gusto

Baristo has created two new products - Espresso Gusto capsules, fully compatible with the coffee system and Nescafè Dolce Gusto machines. Baristo Espresso Gusto Aromatico is an authentic Italian coffee from 100% Arabica blend with a strong, rich aroma and balanced taste.


The character of the brewed Baristo Espresso Gusto Cremoso coffee is well balanced, with a dense body and dark brown hazelnut cream. Aromatic notes of cocoa and scents of exotic woods (sandalwood, ebony, etc.) are developed and distinguished in the tastes.

Baristo Coffee Corner

Baristo Coffee Corner is an innovative solution for a self-service coffee corner, where you can get coffee and coffee specialties with a quality comparable to that of an experienced barista in a cafe.



          What does Baristo Coffee Corner offer?

          - integrated payment system for all types of bank cards, coins and banknotes

          - coffee drinks with fresh milk stored in a specially designed refrigeration module

          - A variety of 24 to 32 hot drinks to choose from

          - User-friendly and easy-to-use interactive display

          - quick preparation (2 drinks per minute)

         - built-in place for consumables, cups, waste

         - sales control and real-time turnover monitoring

         - Support from Baristo's technical team

       Baristo Coffee Corner is an ideal solution for office, self-service restaurant, gas station, hotel. "The constant               quality of coffee drinks and dairy specialties is guaranteed!", Assures Baristo.

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