The disinfection is crucial for the food industry

Maintaining high standards of disinfection is key factor for every compnay in the food industry no matter the area they opperate in. Food exhbitions will be platform to present the leading innovations on the market, so this year Web-Tech will launch their disinfectant Huwa-San- a real universal solution. 

The preparation is produced by Roam Technology. The active ingridient hydrogen peroxide (H202)- a clear, colorless, odorless liquid that mixes in any proportion with water. Because hydrogen peroxide is not stable, it decomposes slowly to oxygen and water. Therefore, in the production of Huwa-San is added a stabilizer - a small amount of silver. The disinfectant is odorless and there is no need for subsequent rinsing after application.

Wide operating temperature range

Huwa-San is an effective bactericide (Log5), virucid (Log4), fungicide and sporocide. Stable and proven effective - a solution of 0.02% remains stable for over 20 days. The preparation is 100% biodegradable, decomposes to water and oxygen, does not contain chlorine and alcohol and does not lead to residues of secondary toxic products. Its properties allow a wide temperature range of action 4ºС ÷ 115ºС, and in higher concentrations it is effective even at minus temperatures; the operating range at hydrogen pH is also wide.

What are the benefits?

Presented by Web-Tech, the prerate is effective in disinfecting industrial and drinking water. Removes biofilm in pipes and water tanks and prevents re-emergence. It is easily integrated into already operating systems and guarantees disinfection of the entire work process. Huwa-San can also be used in air conditioning systems, and bacteria and viruses cannot build resistance to it. The product does not leave corrosive deposits on the surfaces, and its use leads to a long-lasting and controlled effect, thanks to the stabilization with colloidal silver (remains active and stable in the absence of contamination - "depot effect").

Field of application HUWA-SAN

The qualities of the preparation make it a universal solution. It is applicable for disinfection of surfaces - floors, walls, utensils in health and medical institutions, in sites for production and trade in food (breweries, production of beverages and meat products). For daily disinfection of households, offices, administrative and industrial buildings, hospitals, laboratories, hotels, restaurants, pet stores and more.

HUWA-SAN can be used to disinfect equipment and inventory in food production and trade facilities, for cleaning and disinfection of equipment in food production facilities, disinfection of bottles, packaging and surfaces in contact with food.

Industry application

The versatility of HUWA-SAN makes it a preferred choice for industries. Among which:

- Milling, baking and confectionery.

- Milk processing and production of dairy products (yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese).

- Storage of milk and dairy products.

- Meat processing and production of meat products, including sausages.

- Production of canned meat and canning of prepared foods.

- Meat storage.

- Canning industry and production of dried and canned fruits, vegetables and seeds.

- Fish industries production of fish and seafood; Fish canning and storage of fish.

- Production of sugar and sugar products (waffles, candies), chocolate and chocolate products; packaged desserts and pastries (dry pastes, croissants, muffins, etc.).

- Production of spices and additives for food purposes, production of packaged nuts, chips, salads, etc. such small foods.

- Production of beverages: production of mineral and bottled water, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages.

- Production of tea and coffee.

- Manufacture of other food products other than those listed above.

Web-Tech will present the Huwa-San disinfectant in Hall 1, Stand 1A3a. Attendees will find a wide variety of cuts, respectively:

- Huwa-San TR-50, 1 kg.

- Huwa-San TR-50, 5 kg.

- Huwa-San TR-50, 12 kg.

- Huwa-San TR-50, 25 kg.

- Huwa-San TR-50, 240 kg.

- Huwa-San TR-50, 1200 kg