Tea will take you there

MATÌNO Теа. The intriguing name of the interesting tea will be enthusiastically presented to us this year by the inspiring Baristo company. Earlier we met you with the company's coffee suggestions, now it is time to present the other all time favourite drink- its majesty the Tea. 


MATÌNO Tea is a chosen selection of high quality tea varieties, herbs and dried fruits which are combined with ethereal aromas and fine tastes. The natural character of the bevеrage relises feelings of morning freshness, sun and nature which you can easily drink from the cup. 

The special form of the tea bag of MATÌNO Теа allows the full absorbation of the qualities of the prepared drink. During the infusion of the quantity of  tea put in the speaial pyramid shaped tea bag, the ingridients have enough space to shrink and dissolve into the best and the richest taste. 

If you want to taste MATÌNO Теа you can meet the Baristo representatives in 6th hall, B6 stand.