BLÜCHER presents HygienicPro® drainage products for the Food & Drink Industry


Hygiene and efficient cleaning processes are essential in maintaining a high level of food safety. All surfaces and equipment must be easy to clean and keep clean while waste water from cleaning processes are disposed of quickly through an efficient drainage system.

Hygienic design of machinery and facilities is an important tool for guaranteeing the safety of food products. Based on 50 years’ experience in the production of stainless steel drainage system, BLÜCHER has taken up the challenge and is now introducing the HygienicPro® drainage products for the food processing industry. HygienicPro® are high-capacity point and linear drains that provide efficient flow and a high level of self-cleaning, are easy to clean and prevent bacterial growth while limiting also the water volumes and production downtime necessary for operating and cleaning the drainage system.


BLÜCHER is recognized throughout the world as the leading supplier of stainless  steel drainage systems suitable for a wide range of applications. Through continuous product development and innovation, often in collaboration with project planners and owners, BLÜCHER is at the forefront when it comes to designing and manufacturing the best solutions to any indoor drainage project.

All BLÜCHER® products are manufactured in Denmark in state-of-the art production facilities combining sophisticated automation with skilled craftmanship. The products are 100% leakage tested before leaving the factory, and the production is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

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