Heura- 100% vegan!

Tienda is an innovative vegetable meat substitute. The company offers different types of chicken vegan meat in the form of bites, tacos, beef meatballs, meat for burgers and more. You will get acquainted with the products offered by the company at the International Food Exhibitions in Inter Expo Center from 29th of September to 2nd of October in Hall 3, Stand A12.

Among the main highlights of the stand will be the proposals from Heura. Founded in Barcelona in 2017, it focuses on the production of meat substitutes from all-vegetable raw materials, offering pure and affordable products derived from vegetable proteins and unrefined olive oil instead of the commonly used coconut. The packaging is made of 100% recyclable and durable materials with an easily recognizable and modern design. "We present on the Bulgarian market the products of Heura - a worthy successor to the Mediterranean diet, where taste and healthy eating are inseparable," commented Tienda.

Veal products

Through beef vegetable analogues (burger and meatballs), Heura achieves exceptional juiciness of its high-fat products (64% lower than veal) in them by using a revolutionary fat analogue based on extra virgin olive oil. Compared to a real beef burger, Heura plant substitutes offer 11% more protein in 1 calorie, contain 33% of its recommended daily intake and only 10% unsaturated fatty acids, as opposed to 92% saturated when using coconut oil.

Chicken products

Heura - chicken substitutes attract attention because they come in the form of pieces and strips. There are three types of chicken pieces: according to original and Mediterranean recipes, as well as spicy, and the strips are only according to an original recipe, which is so universal that it goes well with different sauces and marinades. They are all made from high-quality vegetable raw materials, water, salt and added vitamin B12: proteins based on sustainable and grown in Europe soybeans and peas and olive oil low in saturated fat.