The products of "EКO MES" - with authentic taste and consistently high quality

The FIT MEAT series of the company has natural ingredients, without E-additives.

The meat processing company EKOMES is located in the picturesque hills of Sredna Gora in the village of Velichkovo. More about their product EKOMES will tell us in the following lines:

Here, in the land of the Odrysians, we produce our products according to authentic Bulgarian recipes.

Our goal is to preserve the traditional taste of the products offered, offering our customers consistently high quality. All production processes are performed with the most modern equipment with constant technological control.

Our production includes a wide range of durable cooked-smoked and raw-dried sausages and delicacies.

We control all critical points of the production process from the use of raw materials, hygiene, working conditions, transport and delivery of products to the end customer. The company has introduced the system for quality control and safety of products IFS FOOd v.6.1 November 2017.

At EKO MES, we are constantly striving to offer our customers products that meet their requirements for a healthier life.

EKO MEC's FIT MEAT product series is the latest and fastest growing series in our portfolio. Currently, the series consists of the following products: sausage fit meat

  • bacon FIT MEAT
  • ham FIT MEAT
  • bacon FIT MEAT
  • sausage FIT MEAT
  • sujuk FIT MEAT
  • raw dried pork fillet FIT MEAT

The series is designed to meet the high demands of consumers for the foods they choose for their table every day, and to be in line with global trends to lead a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle and reduce artificial additives in daily food intake. All products in the series are made from chilled meat with natural spices and ingredients. No artificial preservatives, flavors or colors are added during production. The products do not contain gluten and lactose, as well as mechanically separated meat.

The development of the series was led by the idea to restore consumer confidence in traditional Bulgarian sausages and meat delicacies, while maintaining their authentic taste.


  • do not contain artificial preservatives, flavors and colors
  • gluten-free and lactose-free 
  • do not contain mechanically separated meat
  • without e-add-ons
  • with natural ingredients