We warm up for the start; The marathon of tastes is approaching

Tastes from near and far, culinary magicians passing on their knowledge and real masterpieces. We will see all this at the long-awaited Marathon of Tastes, which in collaboration with Pastry Academy in the event platform Senses without Borders will conquer our senses from September 29 to October 2.

Just as a clarification - the period is not random. During these four days, Inter Expo Center collects hundreds of culinary offers from near and far, thanks to the exhibitions MEATMANIA, THE WORLD OF MILK, BULPEK, WINE SALON and INTERFOOD & DRINK.

From today we start talking about what awaits you. We go to the culinary stage "Chocolate and pastries" in hall 5 of Inter Expo Center; let's find out what will happen on the first day, September 29, which we will call "Dessert Day" ...

Love, tastes and architecture

We start with architecture. Yes exactly. To be really good at what we do is to study all the details. That is why chef Borislav Ekzarhov will make a demonstration for "Architecture and design of desserts".

Hmmm ... 29th of September will definitely be a "full of flavors" day. Because the magical Milen Zlatev dwells on Techno-emotional confectionery. Note, he will present us a dessert "Mango espuma with coconut carpet, peanut butter sand and strawberry meringue." You like it too, don't you?

Love. It is the main ingredient for a successful dessert, in the depths of which Daniela Dineva will immerse us - the author of the inspiring book "With love for dessert". We only slightly open the door - it will demonstrate the creation of sweets with cream cheese.

In the "Dessert Day" we will get acquainted with the latest technologies that professionals rely on. For example, Petko Kostadinov will teach us to create a modern dessert with the forms "Silikomart", we will understand why we need to be in the kitchen with the right shoes - like Birkenstock.

Hmmm, did you know that our senses will encounter the magic of Valrhona chocolates ...

BUT! Everything will be late with awards. Because the day will start with the awarding of the last "young wizards" who graduated from Pastry Academy.

What awaits us in the coming days of the Taste Marathon? We will tell you in the next part.

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