То improve the hygienic engineering

The European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) is going to participate in World of Milk exhibition, part of the biggest international exhibitions in the food and HoReKa sectors, which will be 7-10 November, Inter Expo Centre, capital Sofia, Bulgaria.

The world of draught beer presents: BLADE from Heineken

There is nothing like a fresh, cold, just poured into the glass aromatic beer. The lovers of this incredible drink always note that when we are talking about first-class draught beer, it must be served with the same dedication and quality as the ones put into its production. Having developed to the maximum degree the technology and philosophy of draught beer, at SIHRE 2018 Heineken will present BLADE.

The business card for any restaurant – Real Cork Menu

All luxurious menus from the SUGHERO collection are made of real cork – an environmentally friendly material known for its durability. Cork is fire-resistant and can be cleaned and recycled. This is the luxurious menu collection by the Italian company, Menu Moda, part of ITN&Co is the official representative for Bulgaria of DAG Style.