Wine, oh wine – it’s the beloved drink

Fine wine fascinates mankind for centuries with its aromas and flavors. This much enjoyed drink and its combination with food are the actual focus of the WiFo 2017 forum. The event is part of GASTRONOMIX 2017, which takes place within the SIHRE exhibition.

His Majesty The Chocolate – into the focus of attention !

It is not just a food product. As if it has a spirit that always makes us feel happy when we eat it. It possesses the incredible ability to transform into a variety of forms. This is His Majesty The Chocolate, which into the focus of attention of the master class "Transformations: Chocolate", which is part of the GastronomiX Culinary Forum, held at the international exhibition SIHRE at Inter Expo Center from November 8-11.

55 products received "Gold Medal with Diploma" from the contest for quality and original market products and additives

On 8th and 9th of November 2017, within the framework of the international specialized exhibitions MEATMANIA, THE WORLD OF MILK, BULPEK,SALON DE VIN and INTERFOOD AND DRINK, there was held once again the Gold Medal with Diploma Contest for review and evaluation of quality and original market products represented by the exhibiting companies.

A modern author's version of Bulgarian traditional cuisine

Bulgarian traditional cuisine is globally recognized for its exclusivity, individuality, diversity and the combination of different products. But there are no boundaries  for the development of traditional cuisine in our modern age. This is proved by Chef Ivaylo Dimitrov through his author's version of authentic Bulgarian dishes. The master is among the speakers participating in the GastronomiX Culinary Forum, held at the SIHRE International Exhibition at Inter Expo Center from November 8-11.

We’ve got a winner at Bocuse d'Or Bulgaria 2017

Chef Nichola Nikolov won Bocuse d'Or Bulgaria 2017, the national qualification for the most prestigious professional culinary contest in the world, which took place on 9 November 2017, within the framework of SIHRE at Inter Expo Center - Sofia. In this tough and challenging battle behind the stoves he was assisted by Hristo Filyov from the team of Marinella Hotel Sofia, and his coach - Veselin Kalev, Chef of Rila Hotel in Borovets.

Towards Road to Industry 4.0

Each machine has to "talk" with all other machines and everyone else in a company . This was one of the conclusions made during the seminar "On the Road to Industry 4.0", which is part of the accompanying program within the exhibition MEATMANIA, THE WORLD OF MILK, BULPEK, SALON DE VIN, INTERFOOD & DRINK & SIHRE,held from 8th to 11th of November at Inter Expo Center.

Parshevitsa goat cheese

Parshevitsa Dairy is among the leading enterprises in the dairy industry in the country. The plant is licensed for export to the European Union and Russia. The company guarantees sustainable quality of their dairy products.


Bohr Chvor has 22 years of experience in milk processing, preserving the best traditions of the cheese industry in the Rhodopes. The dairy farm is situated at the outskirts444 of the Rhodope Mountains and is fully equipped with modern equipment for storage and processing of milk, specially designed for the technologies implemented by the company. Throughout the whole production cycle, continuous control of the cleanness and quality of the products is carried out.


OMIDI MACHINES CO е създадена през 1990 г. под управлението на Farhad J.Omidi , като започва активна дейност с производство на машини за хранително-вкусовата промишленост:

Virtuosity in Serving - practical workshop

The leader in restaurant equipment ReSol will organize a practical workshop during the international exhibition for hotel, restaurant, catering and spa equipment - SIHRE. It will be held from 8 to 11 November at Inter Expo Center.