Ajvar by Olineza

Ajvar is a traditional Balkan appetizer, originating from Serbia and Macedonia. It is typically prepared mainly from peppers and eggplant. The name "Ajvar" comes from Turkish language and literally translates it as "appetizer”.

Innovative price tags on plastic cards

The world leader in the solutions for customization of Evolis plastic cards has developed three new Edikio comprehensive solutions for price labeling on plastic cards. They meet the diverse requirements of small, independent retailers, as well as large retail outlets.

Deroni with a variety of products

This year the gardens of Deroni again yielded fresh and quality products. The hew harvest of vegetables are already used in the production of Deroni. They are of premium quality and suit the variety of products presented by the company.

The raw bites Goody Bites by Biostyle

The latest addition to the portfolio of Biostyle Ltd. are the Goody Bites raw bites. They are enriched with a special vegan probiotic that has won a prestigious award for best product at the largest international bio and organic food exhibition in Europe in April this year.

Once upon a time we had... Bulgarian rice, beans and lentils. We have them even today, too!

KRINA company is particularly proud to present its selection of Bulgarian rice, beans and lentils "Once upon a Time ...". The products have been produced in Bulgaria from by traditional varieties grown in our country. The rice originates in the region of Pazardzhik, the beans are produced in the fields of Dobrudja and Pleven,while and the lentils comes from Northern Bulgaria. With them you can prepare your grandmother's favorite dishes, as well as advanced and modern recipes.

Stella, your Swiss chocolate in Bulgaria

Stella chocolate is produced in Switzerland by Chocolat Bernrain AG, Kreuzlingen and Chocolat Stella SA, Giubiasco under the brand of Chocolat Stella Bernrain. Already in 1928, the company started producing chocolate products and since 1991 has focused on the development of organic products and is currently recognized as one of the world's leading manufacturers in this segment of the market.

Verve ginger teas

Verve are the first 100% natural ginger teas produced in Bulgaria with internationally recognized certificates of quality and origin. Verve combines high doses of coarsely ground ginger with proven quality and specially selected traditional Bulgarian herbs. There is also a selection of exotic spices with undoubted beneficial properties for the body.