Delicatessen presents its latest meat products

The veal lukanka Delicatessen is made from finely chopped veal meat, which, just like the Nevrokopska Lukanka and the Lukanka Reserve is flavored with traditional spices. Favorite product of all lovers of pure veal. Packed in a luxury box. The product was awarded a Gold Medal at Meatmania 2015.

Meat products by Bella

Bella manufactures GMO-free products. The company requires their suppliers to provide certificates for all raw materials and makes further analyzes on the principle of random sampling , in Bulgarian accredited laboratories and in the official German laboratory Genetic ID.

Buldex Ltd with dairy products Ralitsa MILK

The Ralitsa MILK yellow cheese has a guaranteed taste and quality. The yellow cheese is available on the market in different packages. Yellow cheese is a type of hard cheese that has undergone a cedarization process. It is produced only from sheep or cow milk and from a mixture of sheep and skimmed cow milk. The yellow cheese is a dairy product produced mainly on the Balkan Peninsula. The production of the yellow cheese as we know it today has been achieved through the gradual improvement of technology over many centuries. It consists in the souring of the cheese and subsequent scalding with hot water and salting.

GastronomiX PRO 2017 - we prepare the future

GastronomiX PRO 2017 will be the only professional culinary forum  in the country to be held this year. It will organized for the second consecutive year in the framework of the SIHRE (specialized exhibition for hotel, restaurant, catering and spa equipment) at Inter Expo Center on 9 and 10 November 2017 at 10:00. AVA-M and METRO Bulgaria are the general sponsors of the event .

EPSON Printers

ColorWorks C7500 Series

Aimed at customers for whom durable prints are key and who primarily want to print onto matte media, the C7500 is the ultimate in short-run colour label printing. Manufacturers can now reliably and cost-effectively meet their in-house labelling needs with outstanding speed and quality. The C7500 can also help eliminate the costs associated with pre-printing by producing short-run, customised labels on-demand.

The Association of Meat Processors in Bulgaria to make a demonstration how to measure and evaluate the characteristics of meat and meat products

Making a successful product in a long-term perspective is a challenge for the food sector. Product quality is no longer linked only to the safety of the product, but to how the consumer perceives the product while consuming it, the extent to which the expectations created by the brand, advertising and packaging match the taste characteristics of the product.

Everyday, while tasting food and drink, people evaluate with their senses, but they can not always describe and justify their preferences.

The dairy products by Nedko Nedkov - Ovcharovo EOOD

"Nedko Nedkov - Ovcharovo" Ltd. is a company dedicated to the cultivation of pure vegetable crops, production of high quality milk, dairy products, biogas and meat. The main goal and effort of the company have always been not only to grow but also to offer absolutely natural products of uncompromising quality. Besides the desire to continue the tradition of the authentic Bulgarian taste in the production of our dairy products, we consider it a worthy and achievable goal to export these products beyond the borders of our country.

Dairy products by Lacrima

Lacrima joins The World of Milk with its Lacrima cow milk butter – churned from 100% pure fresh whole milk with a guaranteed fat content of 82% and a water content of 16% - according to the highest quality standards. The Lacrima cream cheese - the only entirely natural cream cheese in Bulgaria.