Organic Aronia vinegar and Aronia dragee

Organic Aronia vinegar - It is produced by natural fermentation of 100% cold pressed juice from organically grown Aronia berries. The vinegar is with a natural concentration of essential bioflavonoids (anthocyanins, flavones, catechins), together with other natural vitamins (C, B1, B2, etc.), and biologically active substances.


CABERNET d’ANJOU Rosé “Villa LORANE”  is very characteristic of the Anjou region. Very fruity, soft and pleasant on the palate, it will be served well with appetizers, salads, cold meats and white meats, especially poultry. Intense nose combines the aromas of juicy strawberry, pink grapefruit, pomegranate and sweet licorice. Lovely pale pink color with brilliant highlights. Rich and fresh, without any aggressiveness. Elegant  aftertaste.

Alliance Loire  includes  8 cooperatives, representing the diversity of wine cellars of the Loire Valley to present  their different wines.

Hall 4 Stand A1

ALEXANDRIS ENGINEERING to present ideas for the heavy industry

With main activity centered on conveyor belts and flat belts by SIEGLING - Germany, DAYCO - industrial belts, DIN and ASA chains, components for SYSTEM PLASTIC transport systems, Motovario industrial motors and motor reducers , ALEXANDRIS ENGINEERING is included in this year's edition of BULPEK with ideas for the heavy industry. The International Exhibition will be held from 8 to 11 November at Inter Expo Center.

Bulgarian Dobrudzha beans and pumpkin seed oil

The Dobrudzha white beans differ in the aspect that it is completely grown in Bulgaria near the village of Popgrigorovo in the fertile Dobrudzha plain. The unique taste is due to the excellent soils , the afternoon sea breeze and the frequent dews, typical  for the  region of Dobrudzha. This makes its shell very thin, almost intangible, which helps for easy and short-time cooking of the product.


Following the growing range of industries for customers all over the world, the Japanese corporation Teraoka-Seiko CO. Ltd., known in the market with its DIGI brand, successfully broke the standard framework and continually creates new solutions and innovative products:

Presentation of the new brands of ELVI Ltd.

In the course of several years, we ,the team of  ELVI ,participate in The World of Milk exhibition, presenting our company’s dairy products Bozhentsi. We have always strived to interest visitors with something new but always keeping to the Taste of Bulgarian Tradition.

LB fermentation agent R for dark, rye, rye-wheat, whole grains and multi-component breads

LB fermentation agent R is a mixed, live culture made of heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria of the: LB plantarum; LB parakasei; LB buhneri; LB brevis; LB fermentum; LB sanfransiscensis; Propionibacterium chermanii, grown on a four-stage basis on a nutrient medium including: soy flour, wholemeal rye flour, whole grain corn flour and whole wheat flour, wheat fiber, enzymes: α amylase and xylanase. The grown bacterial culture is dried at ambient temperature to a residual 11-12% biologically bound moisture.

Revolution in milk analysis by Biokom Trendafilov

In 13 minutes, Extenso registers 90 contaminants ,such as as antibiotics and toxins, in 17 groups. It covers all major pollutant groups ,such as beta-lactam antibiotics, tetracyclines, aminoglycosides, lincosamides, macrolides, (fluoro) quinolones, sulfonamides, chloramphenicol, trimethoprim, colistin, melamine and even aflatoxin M1. There can be reported only one group (out of 17) or all of them.