Tech Industry presents industrial solutions for UVC disinfection in food production

In the production and packaging of food products, it is crucial to observe optimal hygiene. During the production process, even the cleanest products are contaminated by contact with microorganisms in the air, on work surfaces and in packaging materials. That is why UVC lamps are a perfect solution with increasing use in the food industry. Meatmania Tech Industries will present its industrial disinfection solutions.

Yogurt - the traditional Bulgarian temptation

When we talk about traditional products, we are always unanimous. Yogurt is among the most recognizable Bulgarian products. There are many theories about its origin, but we are sure of one thing - yogurt will always be a favorite product both for direct consumption and as an important ingredient in many dishes and pastries.

Dry ice machines from CAMMARTON BULGARIA

Today, the food industry faces constant challenges to maintain higher hygiene standards. Production equipment is becoming more complex in order to achieve maximum production capacity, while setting new standards for its maintenance. That is why this year CAMMARTON BULGARIA will once again introduce us to innovative solutions at its stand.

Wines from Northern Macedonia in Exhibition Hall N: 5

The qualities of the wines produced in the Republic of Northern Macedonia are known to the general public. For another year, the visitors of the WINE SALON will have the opportunity to caress their palate and taste buds with the divine drink produced in our southwestern neighbor, thanks to the Urotim Company, which will present the inspiring drinks of Stobi winery.

For everyone - "Nashensko"

Created according to authentic recipes, satisfying even the most demanding taste. These are the products from the Green series of "Nashensko", which will be presented by INTER D at this year's MEAT MANIA exhibition.

Mursal tea from the village of Trigrad

Undoubtedly Trigrad is among the best known Bulgarian villages with its history, culture and natural landmarks. At INTERFOOD & DRINK 2020 this beautiful corner of Bulgaria will be presented through Mursal tea known for its qualities and aroma. The product will be offered to us by NV Health.