Parshevitsa goat cheese

Parshevitsa Dairy is among the leading enterprises in the dairy industry in the country. The plant is licensed for export to the European Union and Russia. The company guarantees sustainable quality of their dairy products.


Bohr Chvor has 22 years of experience in milk processing, preserving the best traditions of the cheese industry in the Rhodopes. The dairy farm is situated at the outskirts444 of the Rhodope Mountains and is fully equipped with modern equipment for storage and processing of milk, specially designed for the technologies implemented by the company. Throughout the whole production cycle, continuous control of the cleanness and quality of the products is carried out.


OMIDI MACHINES CO е създадена през 1990 г. под управлението на Farhad J.Omidi , като започва активна дейност с производство на машини за хранително-вкусовата промишленост:

Virtuosity in Serving - practical workshop

The leader in restaurant equipment ReSol will organize a practical workshop during the international exhibition for hotel, restaurant, catering and spa equipment - SIHRE. It will be held from 8 to 11 November at Inter Expo Center.

Delicatessen presents its latest meat products

The veal lukanka Delicatessen is made from finely chopped veal meat, which, just like the Nevrokopska Lukanka and the Lukanka Reserve is flavored with traditional spices. Favorite product of all lovers of pure veal. Packed in a luxury box. The product was awarded a Gold Medal at Meatmania 2015.

Meat products by Bella

Bella manufactures GMO-free products. The company requires their suppliers to provide certificates for all raw materials and makes further analyzes on the principle of random sampling , in Bulgarian accredited laboratories and in the official German laboratory Genetic ID.

Buldex Ltd with dairy products Ralitsa MILK

The Ralitsa MILK yellow cheese has a guaranteed taste and quality. The yellow cheese is available on the market in different packages. Yellow cheese is a type of hard cheese that has undergone a cedarization process. It is produced only from sheep or cow milk and from a mixture of sheep and skimmed cow milk. The yellow cheese is a dairy product produced mainly on the Balkan Peninsula. The production of the yellow cheese as we know it today has been achieved through the gradual improvement of technology over many centuries. It consists in the souring of the cheese and subsequent scalding with hot water and salting.