The good hotel is always undergoing modernization

Stylish deals and high-tech at the exhibition SIHRE 2017

The good hotel is the one that combines style and modern technology. It always has the attention to the detail, the desire for harmony, practicality and functionality of each element of the furniture. This year's bargains will be presented by the hotel-keepers at SIHRE, the exhibition for Hotel, Restaurant, Catering and Spa, which will be held from November 8th to 11th at Inter Expo Center.

The forum is organized by Inter Expo Center and the National Association for Hotel Restaurant Cafeteria (HoReCa) ,and is held in parallel with the exhibitions MEATMANIA, THE WORLD OF MILK, BULPEK, SALON DE VIN and INTERFOOD & DRINK.

Aromatic and comfortable solutions for the bathroom

The bathroom is the place for relax of the guests of the hotel. Therefore, the related products  should be carefully selected. At SIHRE 2017, Lithium company will offer its deals, including FRUITYLICIOUS shampoos and shower gels in sachets, with a wide range of fragrances. At the company booth, visitors will find BOTANIKA eco-soap, which is shaped like a stone for SPA, and also the SENSE dispenser combining shampoo and shower gel.

Their solutions will also be offered by CWS-boco International. The company offers its automatic dry hand dispenser with a Paradise Dry Slim textile roller. The high-tech CLEAN SEAT toilet seat will also be seen at its stand. After each use, the seat rotates 360 degrees under a brush soaked with a solution. With one container, it can be cleaned 1200 times and the 8 batteries last up to 5000 cycles.

Innovative ideas for an  improved hygiene will be presented by Hagleitner Bulgaria. Some of their solutions are XIBU - a toilet system for the future, as well as LUNA 2.0 - a complex package for a beautiful and elegant bathroom.

High-tech management solutions

By transforming the world, high techn solutions enter intensively our everyday life and business, facilitating the labor intensive processes. In support of businesses, Eltrade will offer the SAP Business One ERP system. It covers many of the company's activities - finance, logistics, operations, warehousing, customer relationship management, and its application can be adapted to customer needs. Visitors will also be able to get acquainted with the solution for inventory optimization - the ELTRADE INVENTORY software. It allows contactless execution of the process by using a radio link between a reader and an electronic label, acting like a bar code.

Visitors to SIHRE 2017 will also find at the booth of Yanaksoft company a special software for commercial facilities. The program has an integrated installation and a variety of settings designed to fit the facility. It contains all the necessary modules for managing restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, clothing and shoe stores, wholesale exchanges, and more.

Durable and environmentally friendly equipment

For beautiful interior decorations for hotels and restaurant, visitors can stop at thebooth of  Char. The company offers upholstery fabrics with anti-pollution technology Aqua Clean.

In response to the tendency towards protection of nature, hotel-keepers will find the bargains from Pulito BG. The company will produce ECO napkins from recycled materials, the fibers of which are 100% biodegradable. Of course, the choice of color solutions is rich. Among the deals of Veedic company for table decoration are the napkins by TORK. In the field of specific equipment, hotel -keepers will also find RUBBERMAID housekeeping carts, as well as food containers.

All the news about SIHRE 2017 can be found on food-exhibitions.en