Bulgarian wine - tradition and warm tastes

Bulgarian wines are well represented during Salon De Vin at Inter Expo Center

This was yet another year, during the biggest business event in Sofia – the exhibitions in the food industry and the horeca sector - MEATMANIA, THE WORLD OF MILK, BULPEK, SALON DE VIN, INTERFOOD & DRINK and SIHRE, for wine to find its honorable place in the halls of Inter Expo Center. The international exhibitions will be held from November 8th to November 11th, to welcome all visitors with a huge variety of products and useful events for every taste.

The Bulgarian tradition of wine production will demonstrate, in the days of Salon De Vin, the variety of tastes that overwhelm the hearts of the visitors.

Bulgaria is a country with a variety of wine regions. Everyone who loves wine can enjoy drinks with the specific touch of the southern warmth , the breeze flavors of the windy north, the sea aspect of the Black Sea region ,or the enigmatic touch of southern wines. Experienced producers and sommeliers from various wine cellars and factories in Bulgaria will take care of the visitors to this year's exhibition SALON DE VIN .

The mysterious and always warm Sandanski presents wine tastes

VIA VERDE wine cellar cultivates vineyards of classical varieties ,such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Muscat Ottonel, and the iconic local varieties of Sandanski Misket, Ranna Melnishka Loza and Keratsuda. An interesting element for all wine lovers is that the expansion of plantations will be followed by planting of more exotic varieties that would present the terroir in a different aspect. VIA VERDE have created the Motif collection, which features distinctive boutique wines produced in limited batch from the best grapes for the relevant harvest. Motif reflects the idea of wine as an art and the varieties as the main tool for its creation.

The most southwestern cellar in Bulgaria - Rupel is located in a place that has brought together traditions, facts, historical past, nations and empires inspired by this rebellious land of Spartacus and the wars of King Samuil, Rupel winery follows a trend keeping to the spirit and the genetically  inherited attitude  towards wine from ancient times - to make good wines with modern style and impact on sense. Spancha Melnik 55 has ruby red colour with brilliance. A specific, rich aroma dominated by a mature black cherry, unpitted sour cherry and strawberry, gradating into fragrance of spices. The taste is soft, attractive, fruity. Contains medium tannins with a spicy finish.

Supreme delight for the senses - sea and wine - the wine of the Black Sea coast

Stratsin Winery is located in the Pomorie region, famous for its old traditions in wine making. The cellar has its own vineyards in an area characterized by its favorable climatic conditions. As a result, the wines of the cellar are of superb quality, dressed in elegant bottles and modern design. The cellar seeks to preserve the traditional Bulgarian spirit but also to combine it with the contemporary trends from all over the world, which will lead to the birth of new and interesting wines. The "stellar" varieties of the wine-making world - Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Rose are selected for the red wines, The white wines are represented by Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscat varieties.

The airy tastes of the windy north - the wine of the North

The philosophy for wine production of LVK - Vinprom Targovishte is to produce world-class wine with a characteristic fruity base, using modern technologies, yet preserving its distinctive Bulgarian character. The grapes are carefully selected from the vineyards on the ridges of the subbalkan. As a result, the wines are mellow, with soft fruity flavors and sophisticated texture.

The secret lies firstly in the specific climatic conditions of the North Bulgarian wine region and on the other hand – in the a centuries-old tradition combined with science and technology, with the skill of the technological team in the production of quality white and red wines.

Vinprom Rousse combines the long tradition of wine making with the experience of the oenologists and the latest trends in the art of wine making. The Gamza variety that will be presented by Vinprom Rousse is of local origin. It is spread in Western and Central Northern Bulgaria, mainly in Vidin, Pleven and the region of Suhindol. The pure grape variety of wine is under demand on the market in Germany and Russia. Gamza goes very good when blended with merlot.

The Kainardzha wine cellar is located in the village of Kainardzha, which is the largest and most northwestern cellar in Bulgaria. The wine they produce always feature specific flavor ,due to the quality ingredients used – an excellent Cabernet Sauvignon, ripe enough.

The South - the wine of the Thracians and the guardian of the most distinctive Bulgarian variety - Mavrud

Vinzavod Asenovgrad presents the main local variety - Mavrud. It is a typical Bulgarian variety from which high quality red wines are produced. The resulting wines are of good, intense ruby red color, rich in phenolic substances, with a good balance between acids and tannins and very good aging potential. Wines of the Mavrud variety have usually long aging potential compared to wines produced from other varieties. Vine growing is one of the oldest crafts in the town. There is no doubt that the Thracians have had knowledge on vine and wine, and have skillfully cultivated them, and their knowledge has been kept by the masters in Asenovgrad even nowadays.

Pazardzhik wine is a trademark of the Southern Wine Region. This year Slavovitsa Winery will again take part in the international exhibition SALON DE VIN. At their booth they will be able to taste rose, red and white quality wines produced entirely from grapes, grown in the fertile Bulgarian land.

Good wine comes from good fruit, and in its turn it comes from the ancient land of Sitalces, that gives warmth from its mineral springs and the unique, enchanting aromas of the Rose Valley, the soft wind and the generous sun of the sub South-Srednogorian mountains . Thus years after a year, raised by the caring human hand, the fruit of the vineyard of Darobas winery ripen. Rose Svetlana is a dry wine produced by a specific technology from an elite branch of the Cabernet Sauvignon variety, which has a deep pink color with a caramel shade. The wine offers a bouquet of gentle and exciting aromas of peaches, summer fruits, flowers and herbs from the region. Round, well structured, juicy and palatable fruity taste, with a feeling of fresh strawberry sweetness that goes on in an elegant finish.

Visit SALON DE VIN, try the best wines and let your heart choose which part of the Bulgarian wine regions will gain its respect in the coming winter season. Wine warms up the soul and always should be consumed with a good company. "The truth is in the wine" the Romans used to say, and truth evokes the best thoughts.

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