Hotel and restaurant keepers and professional chefs to meet at the exhibiting SIHRE

The 15th edition of the forum will be held from 8 to 11 November at Inter Expo Center

To maintain good hotel, a cozy restaurant and a modern kitchen, you need to keep an eye on the trends all the time. The international exhibition SIHREwill start from the 8th of November at Inter Expo Center in Sofia, and will again bring together hotel and restaurant keepers and professional culinary experts. In an inspiring environment, until November 11, they will exchange ideas for doing successful business, share experience, compete, and get acquainted with the latest technology in the context of many demonstrations and side events.

This will be the 17th edition of SIHRE. The exhibition is organized by Inter Expo Center and the National Association of Hotel Restaurant Cafeteria (HoReCa), and will be held in parallel with the exhibitions MEATMANIA, THE WORLD OF MILK, BULPEK, SALON DE VIN and INTERFOOD & DRINK.

Arena of culinary duels and inspirations

SIHRE will once again become the stage of the inspirational GASTRONOMIX. The second edition of the only forum for cuisine and culinary culture in Bulgaria will be held throughout the days of the exhibition. On November 9, there will be held the national qualifications for the world's most prestigious culinary contest Bocuse d'Or.

Within the dynamic accompanying program, Bulgarian and globally well-recognized experts in professional cooking and restaurant business will transfer their knowledge to their younger peers during the GastronomiX PRO culinary forum. The list includes names such as Jan Smink from the Netherlands, Bulgarian chefs Georgi Boikovski, Milen Panev, Svetozar Georgiev and Ivaylo Dimitrov, the top confectioners Radi Stambolov and Borislav Ekzarhov, as well as Dr John Dunning - former training manager of Gordon Ramsey Holdings and current lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, guest at the HRC Culinary Academy.

The useful and interesting events will also continue during the last day, November 11th. Then WiFo 2017 ,a forum for wine and food , will open its doors for connoisseurs of food and wine . Speakers will again share experiences and ideas with visitors about the happy marriage between food and wine, craft chocolate, communication at the table, evolution and critical points, business and the challenge it faces .... and much more.

High technology and integrated solutions

In the atmosphere of the culinary adventures, the guests will be introduced to the most modern and integrated technologies offering ideas for the development of hotel, restaurant, catering and spa. Among the products shown we will see SAP Business One management system. It covers many company activities - finance, logistics, operations, warehousing, customer relationship management, and its application adapts to customer needs. Visitors will also be introduced to an inventory optimization solution - the ELTRADE INVENTORY software that allows contactless execution of the process.

Those interested in high-tech management will also find special software for retail outlets. The program has a unified installation and a variety of settings are designed to fit the relevant facility. It contains the necessary modules for managing restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, clothing and footwear stores, wholesale exchanges, and more.

The SIHRE Exhibition provides an excellent opportunity for chefs to make their choice. They will see a presentation of an innovative solution for low-temperature cooking in vacuum with sous vide equipment - thermostat and water bath. Professionals who work in front of the audience also have the opportunity to get acquainted with DROOP IN - systems that build up a hot / cold buffet  section and show cooking appliances with high cooking power.

High-tech suggestions gwill be offered by VarioCooking Center multificiency system. It combines the functions of a reversible pan, cooking pot, oven and fryer in an exclusive multifunction device. Visitors will also find the BROASTER Pressure Fryer - with food preparation technology under controlled pressure in a hermetic environment. Everyone can also enjoy the SelfCookingCenter, which offers a "ConnectedCooking" function, where chefs can manage all connected devices quickly and easily using a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

SIHRE 2017 will meet this year's visitors in an atmosphere of many new products, ideas, solutions and useful contacts. All news and novelties about the fair can be found here: and