MEATMANIA brings together the meat processing sector at Inter Expo Center

From 8th to 11th of November, the biggest business event in Sofia – the exhibitions

MEATMANIA, THE WORLD OF MILK, BULPEK, SALON DE VIN, INTERFOOD & DRINK and SIHRE will bring together the food sector in the halls of Inter Expo Center.

Innovative technologies and solutions

The MEATMANIA exhibition will showcase the best meat grinding system in Switzerland, a new drying system for curing dried products from Italy and small-scale high-quality machinery from Valencia, Spain.

Following the growing range of industries for customers all over the world, the Japanese corporation successfully broke the standard framework and continually creates new solutions and innovative products. At the exhibition there will be presented a high performance weighing and printing system DPS 5600 for pre-packaged products with reduced workload and simple and easy operation with reduced cost of the label.

Machine for food packaging in trays TSM 101-R. The heat-binding machine is particularly suitable for use in grocery stores, small dining facilities, etc. , as it combines several factors such as low cost, functionality and product quality. Extremely practical and easy to use for trays with a maximum size of 205 mm x 150 mm x 100 mm.

Professional kitchen equipment will also be presented at MEATMANIA. CASTA is a device that develops an alternative and artistic4 way to produce ice cream. The product is made thanks to a special refrigerated plate, and the preparation of ice cream, starting from the "liquid mixture" phase, becomes a real artistic challenge. With its focus on different types of customers, this plate can be easily used in both high-end hotels and restaurants, as well as in small and large ice cream shops and gourmet cafes.

Machines for packing and branding of goods

New innovative solution for packing single products, groups of products, or for the formation of promotional units. The machines are suitable for all food products, for packing meat and meat products, sausages, sliced meat, semi-finished products, fish and sea products, canned food, pasta, fruit, vegetables. The machines can be integrated in automatic production or packaging lines. Fast and reliable with high performance. The technology is extremely clean - without smoke and smell, thanks to the environmentally friendly "Ultra Clean Seal". The machines can additionally be equipped with a printer that can be mounted to make bar codes or additional variable information.

The most advanced portable gas analyzer on the market

The new CheckPoint 3 is the most advanced portable gas analyzer on the market to test O2 and CO2 levels in modified atmosphere packaging (MAPs). The long-lasting CheckPoint 3 sensor provides the highest precision for a portable analyzer, making the packing process more reliable.

Forklifts are an indispensable assistant for everyone in this business

The latest models of forklifts, electric trucks and warehousing machinery will be among the exhibits this year. The combination of high-quality components and advanced manufacturing technologies make these machines reliable and efficient.

What would be do without storage and transportation of finished goods?

Folding cases - convenience and efficiency. They are suitable for storing a number of food products that require good ventilation or cooling. The containers are hygienic packages with smooth internal walls that protect the product from damage. They save up to 85% of storage space when stored in a folded position. Another solution to optimize storage space are the folding box pallets - a modern, smart and affordable solution for logistics and storage in small space areas. MEATMANIA will also present models of box pallets with wheels, which greatly facilitate the work process and find application in the food industry.

The robotized automatic system for labeling, verification and sorting of goods

The robotized automatic system for labeling, verification and sorting of goods will be presented with the help of the robot Nachi. During the exhibition you will have the opportunity to take a closer look at the industrial barcode printers, distinguished with their innovative technologies and useful solutions.

MEATMANIA will demonstrate the services of companies that deal with thermo printing, incorporation of optical elements for protection, as well as unique possibilities for combining packaging solutions with holographic security products and authenticity of the end product.

Hi-tec hand washing and disinfection systems

All visitors at the exhibition will have the opportunity to review professional and modern cleaning and disinfection solutions targeted at the food and beverage industry, hotels and restaurants, catering and catering facilities. For the first time in Bulgaria in the days of the exhibition there will be presented high-tech systems for washing and disinfection of hands.

End of harmful microorganisms

An interesting product made by the engineers that can be seen at MEATMANIA is the flexible and invisible ceramic coating that repels microorganisms. The product changes the typical characteristics of the surface, allowing hardly any adherence of microorganisms. Molybsan generates an inhospitable environment depriving microorganism of moisture and food.

Independent of type of surface a very natural and high death rate is achieved. All this is achieved without using biocides and at the same time it is the best prerequisite for perfect hygiene in food industry.

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