The meat industry's success is tied to good logistics

The International exhibition Meatmania will offer technological and high-quality technical solutions from 7 to 10 November at Inter Expo Center

Excellent logistics is the foundation of every successful undertaking. This rule applies in full force to the meat industry. In order to meet all modern requirements, the representatives of the sector  this year again will be brought together at the International exhibition Meatmania.

The professional branch event will be held from 7 to 10 November at Inter Expo Center in parallel with the food industry and HORECA sector exhibitions - The World of Milk, Bulpek, Wine Salon, Interfood & Drink and Sihre. With the utmost importance for the industry, the machines and the modern technologies fall again "under the spotlight". At the Jubilee 25th edition of Meatmania attendees will find everything necessary to optimise the logistical processes in their businesses.

Lifting equipment, reaching everywhere

Contemporary production is unthinkable without the introduction of modern lifting equipment, combining six elements: power, ecology, agility, mobility, speed and compact dimensions. The visitors of Meatmania 2018 will have the opportunity to learn about new electric forklifts, gas forklifts,  electric trucks, handling ramps and wearhousing equipment. For the needs of the industry will be presented the advantages of the new BT Levio electric trolleys, which are a rational solution for working in restricted areas. A TOYOTA new BT Staxio P-series of 11 models will also be exhibited (with a lifting capacity of 1.2 to 2.0 tons).

The exhibition halls will be "conquered" also by the handling and transport offers of Heli Forklift Trucks. The machines are distinguished with sturdy and reliable engine, sound-and thermally insulated engine compartment, ease of driving and increased comfort for the operator. The combination of quality components and modern production technologies make them highly reliable and efficient. The new models of electric forklifts EFG 216KN (three wheels, with a lifting capacity of 1.6 tons), EFG 316N (four wheels, with lifting capacity 1.6 tons) and EFG 320N- four wheels , with a lifting capacity of 2 tons will be exhibited on Meatmania. Equipped with maintenance-free disc brakes, they are highly maneuverable thanks to the hydraulic control joysticks.

The software is in the basis of the perfect  consistency

Without any doubt, modern logistics is unthinkable without the implementation of high-tech software. For the easy production processes control, the capabilities of the products optimising each logistical stage will be deployed, including planning and price calculation, supply, warehousing, quality management, back-tracking and others.

On the days of the exhibition Meatmania 2018 also cash register with built-in commercial software and a terminal for bank payments will be exhibited, as well as a practical solution in the field of self-service - electronic modules for embedding at the cash point, accepting only cash from the customers. Bulgarian companies specialising in the development of software for retail outlets and system integration will also focus on the commercial software, consumables and cash registers. 

  Provision of storage conditions

The main requirement for the operators in the meat industry is to provide optimal storage conditions. Therefore, various solutions will be demonstrated in the field of design, construction and servicing of refrigeration facilities. In the field of maintenance the qualities of Brugarolas technological oils and greases, approved by NFS for lubrication of bearings and mechanisms in technological units with possible accidental contact with the food  will be  demonstrated to the visitors. They will also be acquainted with the possibilities of Scrubmaster B175R, produced by NAKO. Compact and maneuverable, the machine is available with three working widths, it is equipped with disc or cylindrical brushes and has got working area of up to 7.560 m2 and it ca handle slopes of up to 15%.

From 7 to 10 November Meatmania will bring together high-tech and efficient solutions for the meat industry. Everything about the exhibition is available on