The food industry improves hygienic engineering

A wide variety of technologies and machinery for all sectors of the food industry will be available to the business at the biggest international exhibitions in the food and HoReCa sector in Bulgaria, MEATMANIA, BULPEK, THE WORLD OF MILK, SALON DU VIN, INTERFOOD&DRINK and SIHRE. From 7 to 10 November, in Inter Expo Center, we will welcome an exceptional variety of innovative technologies in all sectors of the food industry.

Food industry solutions with a focus on meat processing presented by leading Bulgarian companies through their international partners. The world leader Rühle with its 50 years of experience focuses on new technological products and will present meat forming machines. Cutting meat is more precise than ever, and the processes are cleaner and more efficient. For the first time at MEATMANIA 2018, we will see an exceptional new model of a packaging machine using the deep-drawing technology.

The business is meeting the packaging needs for bigger and bigger batches and different types of convenience foods – antipasto, convenience foods, ready-made salads and different types of freshly sliced fruits and vegetables. This also applies to diet and healthy products in all price segments.

A wide range of equipment for the food sector will be working at the forum – bottling lines, filling machines, closing machines, labeling machines, foil packaging machines, packaging machines. The business will find out more and try out industrial robots, palletizers and auxiliary equipment for industrial production lines.

The business is meeting the needs of the industry faster and faster. The growth in the canning industry sector, combined with the growing demand of higher efficiency and workforce problems, lead to the development of a dedicated machine for cutting out and removing the seeds of peppers of various sizes.

We move on from the processing sector into the world of pizza and freshly squeezed juice. The semi-automatic Pizzarella pizza former is capable of spreading the dough ball just like a master pizza chef would. The dough is processed at room temperature to avoid squeezing, pressure and long heating, thus preserving its physical and organoleptic properties. Master chefs can forget about the inconvenience of dough sticking, something which often happens with the standard cold rolling machines, as well as avoid the unpleasant burns which sometimes occur while operating a hot dough press.

Another technological solution is the latest pressing system which uses water pressure energy. The hydropress provides very high juice yield from apples, grapes and various other fruits.

Pure juice – no contact between the peel and the juice – provided by the ZUMMO Nature line. The advantages of this patented technology by the Spanish brand provide up to 30% higher juice yield compared to other professional machines, as well as exceptional quality and purity of the juice produced by eliminating contact between the peel and the juice. The time for cleaning and maintaining the equipment is much shorter compared to other professional machines.

One proof of the improvements in the business environment of the food sector is the participation of EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) at the forum this year. The principal goal of EHEDG is the preserving food purity by improving hygienic engineering and design in all aspects of food manufacture. To this end, solutions are developed to maintain European requirements on high hygiene at food delivery, preparation, processing, bottling and packaging.

Over 500 Bulgarian and foreign companies from Italy, Austria, Great Britain, USA, Greece, Romania, the Republic of Macedonia, Thailand, the Netherlands will present successful world practices. 89 companies from Italy, Austria, Hungary, Great Britain, USA, Greece, Romania, the Republic of Macedonia, Thailand, and the Netherlands will take part. More than 160 new companies will present their successful products for the first time. There is a marked increase in the percentage of companies offering machinery and technology for the food sector.  The highest number of new technologies this year will be presented at the MEATMANIA exhibition. The fact that this year the MEATMANIA and BULPEK exhibitions mark their 25th anniversary is proof of the food industry’s sustainable development.

You find information about all new technologies and the programme of  MEATMANIA, BULPEK, THE WORLD OF MILK, SALON DU VIN, INTERFOOD&DRINK and SIHRE HERE.