A sip of coffee, a cup of life

Workshop for flavors at Inter Expo Center from 7 to 10 November

Every sip of coffee gives delight, and its scent is absolute magic. Can you feel the aroma of this fabulous experience, peep behind the curtains. We will welcome you to the workshop for flavors from 7 to 10 November 2018 at Inter Expo Center.

MEATMANIA, THE WORLD OF MILK,  BULPEK, WINE SALON, INTERFOOD&DRINK and SIHRE have become the biggest international exhibitions for  foodstuffs and food industry and the horeca sector of utmost importance not only for Bulgaria but also for South-East Europe. The six-in-one exhibitions attract the interest of countries from all over the world -Austria, Great Britain, USA, Greece, Romania, Republic of Macedonia, Italy, Thailand, the Netherland, South Africa.

Latte Art Contest – for the first time

The aroma of coffee will guide you. You touch the cup, have just a sip... and it becomes a sip of life. Even if you're not just a professional but a connoisseur, you want to be among the best. The first latte Art competition under the auspices of SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) in Bulgaria will take place on 8 and 9 November 2018 in Sofia during the exhibition INTERFOOR&DRINK. The jury of the first competition will be the well-respected Dario Ciarlantini and Branislav Beronia from the SCA.

Preparing coffee with fantasy, becoming a champion

Preparing a good quality espresso borders on art, to convey emotion, to bring a smile, to give pleasure.  The American director David Lynch says that even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all. However, Baristo disagree because they do not accept anything less than the perfect espresso coffee.  In search of the best baristas in Bulgaria the most skillful coffee masters will face the challenge to prove their capabilities in a competition for the title of the Barista champion of Bulgaria. Bulgarian Barista Championship is an official round of the World Espresso Championship "Espresso Italiano Champion" organized by INEI (Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano). The final of the third edition of the Bulgarian Barista Championship will take place on November 9, 2018.

Aroma Selection

The Taste workshop will offer a real delight not only to coffee lovers. For the owners of   food outlets, restaurants, shops that want to be the first and choose the best, to satisfy the customers’ needs by going for the most aromatic selections. At the  six-in-one exhibitions you will learn more about the taste characteristics of new and successful series of a range of manufacturers. Some of the most liked blends of the luxury coffee Spetema are now also available in capsules. Rainforest Blend is an innovative product on the Bulgarian market with good acidity, fine body and sweet aroma and it will immerse you into the taste of the highest quality and pure coffee beans coming from the rainforests of Peru. This ecologically pure coffee is certified by the Organization for Water Conservation and wildlife Rainforest Alliance.

On INTERFOOD&DRINK the professional audience will learn more about the different flavors and the emblematic coffee brand Santos Cafe. We will be able to enjoy three new flavors with the aroma of a real coffee Goppion Caffe thanks to the Italian coffee BRISTOT.

Nature in a cup of coffee

With DOLCE you will get immersed in the enchantment of Venice and most of all the wealth of art in this town, its long-standing relationship with the coffee. A delicate balance between carefully selected Arabica coffee from Ethiopia, Honduras, Guatemala and Brazil.

JBM  implements the magical flavors of South America and the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, where the best Arabica coffee in the whole world is cultivated. It is exported in small quantities, sealed in special wooden barrels, the same way of storing rum.

NATIVO ORGANIC combines the true essence of nature and the human labor in an ordinary cup of coffee.

A trip with coffee

Besides the full range of products already well-known on the market, visitors will be able to get to know the new proposals of the series "Bianchi Family". Bianchi "NERO" combines the first-class Arabica from Costa Rica and Brazil, which in combination with the specially selected Robusta from India satisfies the most exquisite tastes. Bianchi "ORO" mixes the softness and aroma of the Arabica from Colombia with the strength of the Indian Robusta. "DECAF" is intended for all coffee lovers who avoid consuming high doses of caffeine. The blend of aromatic Colombian Arabica and high quality Indian Robusta, low in caffeine, guarantees the pleasure from your favorite drink at any time of the day.

At Pablo's Plantation

With another sip of coffee from the Italian brand Illy we are moving into another different and exotic world. Coffee with a complex fragrance, with signs of chocolate, caramel and honey, improved thanks to the new baking profile is grown in the pristine alpine areas of Guatemala. This exquisite Arabica coffee is distinguished by its distinctive sweetness and rich bouquet of aromas. Coffee, selected from the best plantations in Guatemala – of Pablo Arturo ChuyFlores - Pena Blanca Plantation, of Jorge Luis Fernandez Marokin - Finca la Pastoria Plantation, of Luis Fernando Pivaral Aguilar - Finca La Sonrisa Plantation.

If you haven't seen a live coffee factory, the factory will come to you. If for any reason you don’t feel like travelling, the journey will come to you. From 7 to 10 November NESTLE Professional organizes a memorable coffee experience. During the INTERFOOD&DRINK you will become part of a demonstration of roasting of coffee beans from various coffee destinations around the world with George Makropolous. You will enjoy coffee tasting. You will find the specific characteristics, the subtle aromas and the rich flavors of the  Buondi Caffe blends by cupping technique.

Add to the coffee a piece of chocolate or another dessert of the class to close the curtain satisfied with the taste of the most successful food exhibitions in Bulgaria.