Wine, chocolate and something else

“Senses Unlimited” the new events platform provokes with its rich programme of seminars, demonstrations and tasting ceremonies

Wine and Chocolate – speaking about senses, this text would seem complete by just mentioning these two words. But what if we added the sweet smell of warm bread? What would happen then? A true feast for the senses. And this is exactly what the new “Senses Unlimited” platform will offer its visitors.

The Senses without Borders festival for connoisseurs will be held on 8 November as an accompanying event to the InterFood & Drink and Salon du Vin international exhibitions at Inter Expo Center.


The doors of Hall 6 at the international exhibition center will open at 7:00 pm sharp. Then the gourmands will be able to become part of an exciting provocation of the senses with a night walk with wine tasting, chocolate, bread, coffee and various gourmet foods. “Seminars, demonstrations and tastings will also add a hint of inspiration,” the organizers revealed.


Senses Unlimited  impresses with its vision. Even before its first edition, it was chosen as the first runner-up in this year's edition of the Fair Poster International Contest. This unique prestigious competition is organized at the initiative of the Plovdiv International Fair in partnership with the Global Association of Exhibition Industry (UFI). 50 expo center posters from 14 countries competed in the 23rd edition of the competition. The competition demonstrates the development of graphic design and unique visual solutions through which exhibitions are promoted.

"Congratulations on the modern, captivating and sophisticated poster design,” UFI organizers noted in their congratulatory address to the Inter Expo Center. The finalists and winners will be awarded at the UFI Global Congress in Bangkok on 6 November. This will happen the day before the MEAT MANIA, THE WORLD of MILK, BULPEK, INTERFOOD & DRINK, SALON du VIN and #RETAIL SHOW international exhibitions start at International Expo Center. Creating a universe of sorts for the food and drinks sector, they will open doors from 6 to 9 November, welcoming business representatives, professionals and connoisseurs from around the world.

With its rich program and impressive vision, the first edition of the new Senses Unlimited platform is set to become a memorable event that will be talked about for a long time. Do you have a refined palate? Do not miss and be sure to immerse yourself in this feast of the senses! Register for a free visit: HERE.