Desislava Taneva, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, presented the annual awards "access to Good Food" 2019

On 6 November, within the framework of six international exhibitions dedicated to the food and retail sector, the annual "Access to Good Food" awards were presented.

This happened in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Desislava Taneva, the Manager of Inter Expo Center, Ivaylo Ivanov, the Ambassadors of the USA and Italy - Chero Mustafa and Stefano Baldi, Atanas Urdzhanov (Chairman of the Board of the Meat processors Association), Dimitar Zorov (Chairman of the Board of the Milk Processors Association), Mariana Kukusheva (Chair of the Board of the National branch Association of Bakers and Confectioners) and Stoyko Kirovski and Albena Simeonova, presidents of the Association of Fruit and Vegetable Processors and the Bulgarian Organic Products Association.

In the category of "Overall contribution" the prize was received by Prof. Yordan Gogov personally from the patron of the campaign "Access to Good Food" – Minister Desislava Taneva,. He has been conferred a reward for the many years of research works focused on the improvement of food quality. 

The University of Food Technologies in Plovdiv received the award for "State Policy". The higher educational institution has been successfully providing training and education courses in food science and technology for many years. Plovdiv Municipality was awarded for their policy.  Violeta Krasteva and Tanya Daniels received the award in the category of "Youth Entrepreneurship" for their initiative for the preparation of homemade lyutenitsa by granny’s recipe.    

Efforts to promote traditional products

Chef Viktor Angelov was selected as the most worthy of the "Public Image" award. With this award Minister Desislava Taneva testified her gratitude for the efforts of the professional chef, doing his best to promote the prestige of his profession, and who, through his public performance presents traditional food products. Chef Angelov himself described the award as a "big responsibility".

Walnuts & Food" – Dobrich was distinguished for a "Culinary tourism product" ", "Association of Farmers and craftsmen from Plovdiv and the field "Natural" received a prize in the category "Local market ". Minister Taneva distinguished the Vegetable Crops Institute "Maritza" in Plovdiv for the efforts and approach in the child nutrition.

Of course, educational institutions were also rewarded. For their numerous initiatives the Vocational School of Agriculture Mechanization "P. K. Yavorov" from Gotse Delchev was selected as “Overachiever” in the category "School", and in the category "Kindergarten" –   "Prolet" kindergarten in the village Parvenets, Rodopi Municipality.