The Horeca sector came to meet at SIHRE 2017

Advanced equipment for restaurants, hotels and spa, high technology, many new ideas and an even richer side-events program. All this was offered to the visitors at this year's exhibition SIHRE, which took place at Inter Expo Center from November 8-11. The exhibition, organized by Inter Expo Center and the National Association Hotel Restaurant Cafeteria (HoReCa),brought again this year professional chefs, hotel and restaurant keepers, who exchanged ideas, shared experience and competed between themselves.

The exhibition THE WORLD OF MILK to present the pride of Bulgarian manufacturing traditions – the dairy products

The Bulgarian production of dairy products is proud of its centuries-old tradition. Unique flavors that appeal to all people around the world demonstrate the skills of exhibiting companies in the making of dairy products. This year, at the international exhibition THE WORLD OF MILK, which will be held from 8th to 11th November at Inter Expo Center, along with MEATMANIA, BULPEK, SALON DE VIN, INTERFOOD & DRINK and SIHRE, the fans of Bulgarian tradition will be review the latest developments in the sector .